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Sunday, July 14, 2013
Dawson County Raceway Features Heat Up Oval in Lexington

Putting their right foot to the floorboards, the racers were up to the challenge of competing for accolades at Dawson County Raceway in Lexington, Nebraska on Sunday evening.
Earning their spot in the winners circle was Patrick Bourke, Charley Brown, Casey Werkmeister, Chad Dolan and Kyle Bond.
Making their second apperance of the 2013 season at the Dawson County Raceway oval, the URSS 305 sprint cars put on a whale of a show with Gypsum, Colorado’s Patrick Bourke running the cushion to the front of the field with just two laps remaining. Bourke stayed in front and took the checkered flags to claim the victory. Following Bourke’s lead around the highside, was Adam Trimble of Pueblo, Colorado. Trimble was a man on a mission, as he drove to the runner-up position from fifth in the final laps. Young hotshoe Jake Bubak of Arvada, Colorado was inside the top five all night long, as he earned a podium finish in third place. Leading the way for the first 22 laps of the feature was Zac Taylor of Firestone, Colorado. Taylor was driving around the bottom through the corners and had the field covered until a late caution extinguished his cushion and lead. Taylor held ship and was able to finish fourth overall. Rounding out the top five finishers in the URSS division was Mark Walinder of Wheatridge, Colorado.
Leading all but two laps, Charley Brown of Maxwell, Nebraska cruised to the feature victory in the IMCA Modifieds division from his outside front row starting position after snaring the lead from early leader Colton Osborn of Cozad, who lost a motor. Coming from the third row, Cale Osborn was on the back bumper of Brown for much of the race and was forced to settle with runner-up honors. The Eddyville Flyer, Chuck Stryker was third overall, coming from his third row starting position.
Leading the lap that mattered the most was Chad Dolan as he took advantage of a great drive through the final two corners to garner a slight lead and notch the victory in the IMCA Northern Sport Mods Feature. Leading from the halfway point until the final left was Gothenburg’s Jamey Kennicutt, who crossed the stripe in second place. Overcoming an early deficit, Bryan Herrick of Curtis recovered quite nicely with a third place finish for his efforts behind the wheel.
The competition in the IMCA Stock Car division was up to snuff on Sunday, as there were five different leaders with Casey Werkmeister of Maywood leading the final laps to claim another Feature victory. Putting together a superb effort and earning runner up honors for his performance was Jeff Whiting of Gothenburg. Driving onto the podium from his fourth row starting position was Maywood’s Kyle Werkmeister.
Snaring the lead on the sixth circuit and holding off all challengers was Gibbon’s Kyle Bond in winning the IMCA Hobby Stocks Feature. Taking advantage of the situation best, Tiffany Bittner of Norfolk piloted her hot rod to a second place finish after starting in row three. Running the cushion and flirting with the ragged edge, Dillon Thompson of Campbell was third overall.
Dawson County Raceway Unofficial Results
--URSS 305 Sprint Car Feature: 1. 99-Patrick Bourke; 2. 34-Adam Trimble; 3. 9x-Jake Bubak; 4. 86-Zac Taylor; 5. 6-Mark Walinder; 6. 16-Brian Hardman; 7. 12-Darren Berry; 8. 20x-Nate Berry; 9. 59-Butch Hardman; 10. 22-Greg Reiners.
--Heat 1: 34-Adam Trimble; 2. 9x-Jake Bubak; 3. 29t-Tommy Williams.
--Heat 2: 6-Mark Walinder; 2. 97-Brian Herbert; 3. 86-Zac Taylor.
--IMCA Modified Feature: 1. 4c-Charley Brown; 2. 6c-Cale Osborn; 3. 19-Chuck Stryker; 4. 1xjr-Cody Blessing; 5. 4p-Dave Pedersen; 6. 7a-Steve Aitken; 7. 29e-Brooke Eilts; 8. 41j-Dave Jeffres; 9. 24jt-Jeff Linner.
--Heat 1: 1. 50c-Colton Osborn; 2. 6c-Cale Osborn; 3. 4c-Charley Brown.
--Heat 2: 1. 19-Chuck Stryker; 2. 7a-Steve Aitken; 3. 4p-Dave Pedersen.
--IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1. 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 2. 16w-Jeff Whiting; 3. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister; 4. 45-Mikey Dancer; 5. 25-Jared Brooks; 6. 72-Robert Walker; 7. 09h-Bob Hoing; 8. j3d-Jed Williams; 9. 29e-Brendan Eilts; 10. 57-Dan Stoll.
--Heat 1: 1. 42w-Kyle Werkmeister; 2. 24-Bob Chalupa; 3. 16w-Jeff Whiting.
--Heat 2: 1. 24w-Casey Werkmeister; 2. 45-Mikey Dancer; 3. 57-Dan Stoll.
 --IMCA Northern Sport Mods Feature: 1. 1. 87d-Chad Dolan; 2. 15k-Jamey Kennicutt; 3. 0-Bryan Herrick; 4. 1x-Denny Egge; 5. 52-Dean Wilkinson; 6. 7-Vince Leibert; 7. 20b-Brandon Clough; 8. 8t-Ty Rogers; 9. 68-Craig Howard; 10. 4p-Rick Putnam.
--Heat 1: 1. 7-Vince Leibert; 2. 87d-Chad Dolan; 3. 0-Bryan Herrick.
--Heat 2: 1. 15j-Herb Slough; 2. 1x-Denny Egge; 3. 55d-Dillon Schultz.
--IMCA Hobby Stock Feature: 1. 0-Kyle Bond; 2. 95b-Tiffany Bittner; 3. 11-Dillon Thompson; 4. 9a-Anthony Martin; 5. 26x-Russ Speck; 6. 26-Ryan Gardine; 7. +1-Dan Pittman; 8. 5-Chuck Ledbetter; 9. 72b-Jacob Hagan; 10. 16d-Dalton James.
--Heat 1: 1. 9a-Anthony Martin; 2. 52-Jason Wilkinson; 3. 95b-Tiffany Bittner.
--Heat 2: 1. 26x-Russ Speck; 2. 11-Dillon Thompson; 3. 72h-Kevin Hagan.


Source: Kelly Ninas


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